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Books By Larry Wilkinson

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       GOD is looking for Warriors. He’s calling out men, women, and children from all walks of life.
       We live in an extraordinary time of human history. GOD is touching hearts for Himself throughout the world. He's breaking down denominational barriers and cutting through the walls of governments and false religions. As wickedness increases, so does the magnificence of a merciful GOD to reach a hurting mankind.
       JESUS is our perfect example of commitment. A heart dedicated to do the FATHER's will, accompanied by the HOLY SPIRIT, was no match for the powers of darkness. Nothing has changed. GOD is looking for those who are truly willing to follow in His SON's footsteps.

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       To live in the modern day Book of Acts we must have: the fervent vision of the Apostle, the Godly living of the Prophet, the awesome power of the Evangelist, the agape love of the Shepherd, and the foundation of the Word of GOD.
       GOD is preparing a Remnant, which consists mostly of simple, ordinary people who are maturing in the above principles. In GOD’s timing they will be unleashed for an extraordinary move of GOD in the last days.
       These Complete Warriors are already at work around the world. They have not bowed to either the Great Harlot or to the money focused church of Laodicea. They will not be intimidated by man, organizations of man, or by the demons of hell.
       They only bow to JESUS.

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       A shepherd boy named David became a giant killer who became a King. Peter, a fisherman, followed JESUS and died a martyr’s death as a great Apostle. GOD made ordinary men and women into incredible people of faith in order to carry out His ultimate tasks for their lives.
       We have the same GOD. He’s looking for willing hearts and enduring souls. Those who hunger for more of GOD and are resolute in their love, reverence, and commitment for Him will find the grace.
       This book describes the journey from new birth to a mature ministry, to a life extremely few have found as patriarchs in GOD’s Kingdom.
       It’s all by His Grace for those who truly want it.

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It's Amazing download PDF order form

       Oh, how I love youth and young adults - they’re exciting, romantic, adventurous, and idealistic. Their potential is remarkable. Life is supposed to be fun! The world should be fair. Parents are supposed to love each other. The home should be a sanctuary. Friends should be loyal and efforts should be rewarded.
       Unfortunately, most of today’s youth and young adults have been stripped of the most essential basics of life GOD. A secular nation is a society without GOD . . . His Wisdom . . . His Love . . . and His Character.
       We may have technical toys and unlimited entertainment, but nothing can fill the void in the heart, except GOD.
       This book challenges the reader to evaluate their reason for existing; as well as prompt questions and give answers to the hidden truths that we seek. Those who truly want GOD will find Him.
       “I love those who love me; And those who diligently seek me will find me.” Proverbs 8:17

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My Love Relationship With The HOLY SPIRIT
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       The FATHER sent His SON on a mission. He was loved, hated, rejected, and accepted. Eventually, He brought victory for
you and me.
       The FATHER has now sent His SPIRIT on a mission. Like JESUS, the mission is you. But how will you respond? What will be your opinion?
       JESUS could not be understood, although He worked miracles, spoke the Truth without compromise, and lived a perfect life.
       The HOLY SPIRIT is a Person to be loved, and cherished. Yet, He is GOD to be revered, obeyed, and worshiped.
       So many Christians miss out on this incredible relationship. To know His Heart is to know the Heart of the FATHER. To know His Glory is to know the Glory of the SON.
       Don’t chase the spectacular. Don’t cover yourself with the outward beauty of religion. Know intimately the Childlike, Innocent Heart of the SPIRIT of GOD and you’ll overflow with Abundant LIFE.

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JESUS in Me download PDF order form

       This coloring book presents to children the simple plan of salvation. It leads them step by step to JESUS and a Sinners Prayer.
       Let's allow the children to come to Him.