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November 2016





Written November 16, 2016


God said, “I am who I am. You must tell them:

‘The one who is called I Am has sent me to you.’

Exodus 3:14 GNT


GOD has no boundaries. HE’s Eternal and All Present. This includes both the physical world and the spiritual world.


He is Perfect in each and every attribute that is Him. These Attributes likewise have no limit.


He never changes and has no need to mature, as He is Perfect.


He has no needs, but instead sustains all creation and all life.


He is called WONDERFUL, as we can only wonder at His Incomprehensible MAJESTY.


The WORD of GOD presents His various attributes. There will be no surprises in the next life. The list is complete and is there for us to prayerfully explore in order to know His Heart.


However, each characteristic is eternally beyond our understanding. It will take forever to know the extent of all that He is. “And the one called to the other and said, “Holy, holy, holy is Yahweh of hosts! The whole earth is full of his glory.”

Isaiah 6:3 LEB.


In awe and amazement those that love Him will be calling out to one another in eternity as they experience WHO HE IS more and more. Often we dream of what can be awaiting us in the next life. Yet, the greatest blessing will be WHO IS awaiting us.




Being made in His Image allows us to experience WHO HE IS. Yet, each of us have different personalities and purposes (in this life and the next).


Two people may share the same experience, but their perspective differs because of the unique way they are created. Thus, as we experience GOD, each of us will undergo a special blessing and relationship with Him.


That’s why they call out “Holy” to one another, as they attempt to share with others their personal awe and amazement. Holiness is the core of His Perfection, and holiness is the perfect word to proclaim a deeper heartfelt revelation of His GLORY.


All of Him will continually pour into all of us. However, all of Him will take forever.




Today, we have the same GOD. Yet, we limit Him in each of His Attributes. His WORD encourages us to want more of Him. His Wisdom, Power, and Love are without limit. So are His Justice and Wrath. His Truth never changes.

Man’s ignorance of Scripture or his doubt changes nothing. He is I AM WHO I AM.


However, our doubt, ignorance and sin can change our ability to allow His Manifestation through us. We often struggle with faith and allow sin to steal His Best for us. His Grace is extended, but our refusal to cooperate is to our own demise.




Yet, as believers we have hope. We can now begin to let all of Him pour into all of us. Of course this always begins with repentance, if necessary. But there’s more . . . so much more.


The basis is in wanting Him, not for what He can give us, but for intimately knowing Him—His Pleasure . . . His Glory . . . His Will . . . and His Heart. If it’s based on anything else, our relationship is conditional and thus, fickle.


Yes, He will help us and bless us, but that’s secondary.


Worship is loving GOD and there are many ways to do so— thanksgiving, praise and celebration, adoration, exaltation, and worship. This may consist of songs written by others, our own words, or worshiping in tongues. As we pour our hearts out, He’ll pour His Heart into us. As we turn our backs on the world to spend time with Him, He pours Heaven into us. As we turn from sin to loving Him, He’ll pour the Holiness of His Attributes into us.


GOD isn’t looking for ministry chasers, but GOD chasers. As we are concerned in knowing Him deeper, heart to Heart, we will be a greater vessel for reaching the hearts of others.




What about prayer? Prayer is a form of worship which states that He’s GOD and we need His Help. However, prayer based on exaltation of GOD builds our faith for answers and His Wisdom to overcome our problems.


Proper prayer puts GOD first —His Will, His Pleasure, and His Glory. Doing so allows Him to pour Himself through us into our needs and the needs of others that we lift to GOD.


Loving prayer is always accompanied by thanksgiving. A thankful heart always touches the Heart of GOD. It also increases our faith.


Worshipful prayer takes our eyes off of circumstances or our own lack, and places us in the realm of His Power, Love, and Wisdom.




His attributes are pronounced repeatedly in Scripture. As we let His Word settle into our souls, our knowing Him grows, and thus, our faith.


Sometimes I hear Bible teachers trying to find new Characteristics of GOD. Let’s allow the HOLY SPIRIT to pour His Heart deeper and deeper into our hearts. To do so our hearts must be soft, as the roots of His Truth go deeper into our being.


GOD is constant. He wants a greater relationship with each of us, but we must take the time to nurture a meaningful relationship. We need to make a commitment not to allow sin or life’s responsibilities to rob us of an ongoing and meaningful time with our Creator. Perhaps our greatest foes are entertainment and the media.




Too often those who are born again accept the status quo of other believers. We settle into complacency or want a risk-free life. The great saints of GOD were never content. They sought GOD deeper throughout their lives.


Being made in GOD’s Image gives each of us a remarkable potential. As I read the Bible I see so few standard-bearers for CHRIST throughout history. This didn’t come through works, but through a powerful relationship with GOD.


Many preachers like to speak of blessings of this temporary life. As much as I’m thankful for these blessings, it’s eternity that makes the difference. And GOD is Eternity.




The greatest achievers in life saw beyond the norm. They strived for an excellence not common to others. They paid a price for this excellence.


What can be greater than the excellence of all of GOD pouring into all of you. As we surrender each compartment to Him, He wills to fill it. Our dreams, pains, victories, weaknesses, and strengths can initiate His Attributes for us, in us, and through us.


As long as we are captured by this life it will never happen. We can’t live in the eternal and temporal simultaneously. Being in Him and He in us releases His Will to “be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


I wonder how the LORD feels, as Christians spend so little time with Him. We say that we love Him and that He’s number one in our life, yet everything and everyone else has priority over Him.


He truly is gracious, as He earned eternity for us. Yet, like the Israelites in the wilderness, we want to live in Egypt. This attitude kept them from the Promised Land and it still keeps His people from His Best for them.




The Holy of Holies was the most important place in the world. One man could enter it only once a year to sprinkle the blood sacrifice.


Today it’s open to each of us any time and anywhere through the Blood of CHRIST. Let’s enter His Presence and live there. That’s where we’ll live in Eternity!




GOD has created each of us for great things. He loves us and has the Power and Wisdom to help us. The more that we spend time with Him and invite Him into the compartments of our lives, the more that He can heal and restore us for His Glory and our own good.


Talk to Him about every area of your life, past, present and future . . . each hurt, disappointment and regret. Share your dreams with Him and surrender to His Will. And when you know that He has truly spoken to you, immediately obey with a heart of love, character, and commitment.


Don’t be a victim but a victor. Be a warrior and not a worrier. Move from average to adventure. He designed you for a purpose. Find it and be tenacious as you persevere. Be disciplined and work hard. Yet, know that time with Him brings the greatest results. Enjoy the journey, but know that the journey is Him.


Let’s begin today by opening our hearts, so that He can pour all of Him into all of us. After all, the journey is eternal, and an eternity with I AM WHO I AM.