We wish to serve you in the Love of CHRIST with Biblical Truths empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT and His Gifts.

Those we minister to need to bring humility and a teachable heart…..a heart of commitment not only to receive help, but the willingness & commitment to CHRIST to walk it out through good times and bad……and a hunger for greater character.

GOD wants to remove the word victim and replace it with VICTORY.

  • Salvation

    The simplicity of the Gospel is first and foremost presented to each person.

  • Baptism in the HOLY SPIRIT

    All believers have the HOLY SPIRIT. However, the baptism in the HOLY SPIRIT allows you to have greater power in your everyday walk, in your prayer life, in worship, and in evangelism. A Biblical teaching followed by prayer is provided.

  • Counseling

    GOD’s Wisdom is always simple but profound. His Grace is there, but the choice is yours.

  • Inner healing

    As Christians our spirit man is perfect in JESUS. However, our soul carries a lot of unnecessary baggage. We’ll walk you through a lifetime of healing.

  • Addictions

    Our sinful nature can be influenced by genetics, our thinking, our environment, our emotions, our will, and by the spiritual world. All these are taken into consideration through GOD’s Love, Wisdom, and Power.

  • Mental & Behavioral Disorders

    We focus on the root cause of each disorder, which allows the whole thing to unravel.

  • Special Needs

    Christians are called to help the poor in every avenue but not to enable them; that’s how GOD treats us. Also, prison, retirement homes, and needs of those going through a tragedy are special times to love, comfort, and uplift.

Through CHRIST'S Blood - By GOD'S Word - JESUS - In GOD'S SPIRIT - For CHRIST'S Glory!!



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