We are here to serve you and your loved ones by every means that the LORD JESUS makes available to us. We are concerned for you, your marriage, family, finances, material needs and employment. Practical Christianity is essential and your relationship with JESUS CHRIST is foundational.

Our goal is to please the FATHER, glorify the SON and submit to the HOLY SPIRIT. We are to love GOD totally – body, soul, mind and spirit. As our CREATOR, HE wholly deserves our allegiance, servanthood and obedience.

Access to our Heavenly FATHER has been made only through HIS SON JESUS and any effort to come to HIM another way is only a reminder of our rebellious, sinful nature to sidestep HIS Divine Will. GOD has called each human to enter into HIS Kingdom through HIS SON, after which each Christian is given the awesome responsibility to foremost bring others into the Kingdom, and then to touch a hurting world with HIS love, power and wisdom.

Through CHRIST'S Blood - By GOD'S Word - JESUS - In GOD'S SPIRIT - For CHRIST'S Glory!!



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